Spring 2010 DFW Learning Objectives

I’m excited to be starting my DFW in children’s services at SPL’s Northeast branch!  I’ve only worked with Erica for one day, but I can already tell what a fabulous librarian and great mentor she is.  This blog is going to cover my reflections on my experiences throughout the quarter, specifically on projects that relate to my learning objectives.  These are:

1.  Learn to provide high-quality reference in a branch setting.  I’ll be shadowing on the reference desk, and recording my observations and experiences here.

2. Develop and exercise skills related to children’s programming.  I’ll be discussing my observations and thoughts about story times and other programs.

3.  Gain experience with school visits and booktalking.  This will kick in late in the quarter, as Erica takes me with her to schools to promote summer reading.  I’ll be evaluating my own booktalks as well as recording my observations and reflections of Erica’s.

4.  Expand understanding of collection development of children’s materials in a branch library.  This will manifest in a few ways: helping with a book order, working on a weeding project, and perhaps further developing a database of historical fiction. More observations and self-evaluations here.

Let the adventure begin!


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