The Fifth Week

A busy return after being away last week!  I read at toddler story time, observed baby story time, put up a children’s display, assembled a book list, and spent time on the reference desk.

Erica’s story time theme this week was ducks, and she had a big book of One Duck Stuck.  Since I’ve been having a little trouble handling big books, I tried reading this one at both toddler story times on Thursday.  I’m really glad I got to do this twice in a row, because it went much more smoothly the second time.  I was able to concentrate less on turning the pages without ripping the book in half, and more on telling the story.  Also, it was just a bit long for the first group’s attention span, so I clipped some pages together for the second reading and the kids stayed engaged. I’m looking forward to running a whole story time next week!

I also spent a lot of time this week on the new seasonal children’s display.  The children’s section doesn’t have much space for a display of books, so Erica uses a cork board to put up pictorial displays.  Mine is for spring and early summer, so I’ve themed it “Grow! Read!”  I made large paper flowers with covers of children’s books with spring and summer themes as the centers.

I had a lot of fun, and Erica gave me enough time to make it very elaborate.  Of course, I would never have that kind of dedicated time as a full-time children’s librarian.  However, I could have made and assembled most of the pieces while on desk to save time.

I also pulled together some books for a teacher who wanted materials for toddlers on what to expect with a new sibling.  I used [“brothers and sisters – fiction” AND “babies – fiction”], then tried to pick things that were age-appropriate.  I also avoided books like Julius, The Baby of the World, which set up expectations that the older sibling won’t like the baby.  If a parent has that concern, they can certainly come to the library – but I didn’t want to cultivate negative emotions toward the baby if none existed before.  I came up with this list of books that were checked in at that moment:

I’m a big brother / by Joanna Cole

I’m your peanut butter big brother / Selina Alko

When you visit Grandma & Grandpa / by Anne Bowen

Bernard Wants a Baby / E Goodman

Russell’s secret / by Johanna Hurwitz

Rosie and Tortoise / by Margaret Wild

Hannah’s baby sister / by Marisabina Russo

Arthur’s baby / Marc Brown

I also just browsed the shelves nearby, and found a few other selections.  I picked a few on adopted sibs this way as well.  I hadn’t thought of that while at the computer, but of course many new babies coming home are adopted.  One more reason to always go to the shelf!

Finally, I observed baby story time again this month.  Since this was totally new to me last time, it was nice to see it again and be able to soak up more of the details.  I got to think about what types of activities and props might be effective, and observe the balance of time between reading, singing, and other activities.  Erica used balloons to demonstrate play and learning, which was very successful and fun for adults and babies.  However, I think I would be too nervous about the choking hazard if any of them popped to replicate this on my own.

Next week I’ll start off by heading to a regional teen services meeting.

Hours total: +25, Total = 78


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