The Sixth Week

The two big projects of this week were attending a teen services meeting and preparing for my story times next week.

I’ve decided to do a gardening theme for my story times.  I’ll read Eve Bunting’s Flower Garden for each of them – Erica has a nice big book, and it’s appropriate as the harder book for the  toddlers and the easier one for the preschoolers.  I’ve placed holds on a few books, so we’ll see what comes in before I choose the second book for each group.  We’ll also sing a song to the tune of “here we go round the mulberry bush”,  with words like “This is the way we (dig a hole, plant a seed, bury the seed, water the plant, smell the flower…), all around the garden”.  The preschoolers will do a craft, the inspiration for which came from  We’ll decorate paper cups, then use them as pots to plant pea seeds.  We’ll also do a dramatization, being seeds and growing.  Erica’s hilarious and brilliant idea: bring a spray bottle for when it “rains”!

I’m also really grateful that Jessi brought me to the teen services meeting with her.  It had a very different vibe, and very different goals, from the children’s meeting I attended a few weeks ago.  Erica S started out the meeting by distributing Play-doh, pipe cleaners, and stickers!  She said having something to do with their hands would help people stay engaged through the long meeting.  I love this idea, and I will definitely want to adopt it if I’m ever running meetings.  What I liked most about the meeting was its focus on building connections rather than disseminating information.  While we did have announcements and speakers, a lot of time was spent asking for and offering advice on a variety of services and materials.  The discussion made space for everybody to share, forming a nice sense of community and made each person feel like her opinion was valued.  Since most of the teen librarians will rarely if ever work together, this is a very important way to make sure they’re able to use each other as resources to improve service across the system.

Hours total: +19, Total = 97


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